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Information on The Model 31 Project by MsP

Double Time


Model 31 Project

On this laid back yet ill beat for day 119, you can show your mettle on this without being aggressive and still get your point across.


Model 31 Project

After going old school the past two days, we head back to contemporary styles on Day 97. Using more ambient sounds akin to the sounds of Drake and the Weeknd.


Model 31 Project

This one's quite open-ended, and your flow can either be slow trap or double time. Something about Day 70 says Eminem to me also, can't exactly point out why.

Jean Grey

Model 31 Project

For this Model 31 Day 23 beat, this one's a little more chill, there's room for singing and/or rapping.

The Creed

Model 31 Project

For this Model 31 Day 21 beat, I brought it back down south for some trap, but with some added markers for a Kendrick Lamar/Pitbull triplet flow.

Dark Passenger Lament

Model 31 Project

Right off the Dexter penultimate episode, I came up with this one, feeling a little low for this Model 31 Day 9 beat.


Model 31 Project

Model 31, Day 7. The Week 1 closer is a strong sounding double-time. Synth heavy.

Heisenberg Blue

Model 31 Project

For Model 31 Day 6, this beat has a double-time tempo at around 137. Pretty open-ended, definitely serious.


This has a bit of the modern double-time sound to it but not all the way on the 808's. It's very personal, and it has the feel for brutal honesty.

Known Better

A Hip-Hop/Rock hybrid, with a hip-hop beat and heavy rock sample from the Seether rendition of Careless Whisper.
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